Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year and welcome to my blog! It’s a little rough around the edges but bear with me while I tidy up the place. This has been an idea of mine for years, to put my thoughts, my marketing skills and talents in writing to share with others, and learn from others. But, time and time again I put it off, procrastinated, over thought it and just never got it off the ground.

I’m sure you’ve been there before, over analysis, procrastination, shiny new object syndrome or whatever you want to call it. We’ve all have had our bouts with it. Every year we say it’ll be different this time.. and then.. something distracts us, life gets in the way and we somehow find ourselves on a different path than the one we started the year on.

That’s happened to me so many times I’ve lost count. But for me, this time it is different. I’m putting the fire on my ass and getting sh*t done! Not just with this blog but for all my other side projects too. I hope you feel this way as well about your own goals for 2018. If not, you should!

My focus for this blog in the coming weeks will be on helping you to get your sh*t together. Sharing tips and strategies on everything from time management to productivity tools I use to get me moving in the right direction and all the strategies in marketing that I’ve learned along the way. Also will focus on what’s hot in the internet marketing space

Whats hot right now? Ecommerce, Shopify, Facebook marketing and of course something called crypto-currency.. yeah, I’m sure you’d love to hear my thoughts on it, ha. But these topics and other affiliate marketing related subjects are my focus for now… but that may change, who knows what direction this blog may take. This is just day one.

That is all for now, be sure to check back soon for some great content. I will post every couple of weeks or so or when I really want to get something off my chest, and into writing.